Transforming lives and building sustainable communities

Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur (POE)
Developed in 2012, the POE program provides transitioning Canadian military personnel and veterans with the education, tools and resources needed to open their own businesses.

Prince’s Canadian Responsible Business Network (PCRBN)
This initiative creates robust collaborations between business and community to tackle youth unemployment in underserved communitites.

Indigenous Languages Revitalization
We work with a variety of community groups and organizations to support the revitalization and protection of Indigenous languages.


Additional programs we support include celebrating young leaders who are dedicated to making positive change, promoting wool as a sustainable fibre, nurturing future forestry leaders, shifting corporate financial decision making towards sustainability and supporting heritage-led economic regeneration.

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“I am very happy that Prince’s Charities Canada and Loblaw gave us this opportunity. Usually what happens when you apply for a job, your resume just gets stacked up and you don’t really get an opportunity.”

– Joanne, Winnipeg
Get into Administration participant

Read more about how PCC helped Joanne overcome her barriers to employment