#ourstories Wes

April 8, 2016

When I graduated High School, to be completely honest, jumping into another 4 years of school was not something that appealed to me. I can say without hesitation that making the decision to join the Canadian Armed Forces was one of the 3 best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s been everything … Continue reading “#ourstories Wes”


#ourstories Jennifer

April 1, 2016

Actually, I originally became involved with Enactus because of the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur. When it was announced that the University of Regina would be hosting its first POE boot camp in the summer of 2013, I signed up to help plan the event and volunteered as a student mentor. Afterwards, … Continue reading “#ourstories Jennifer”


#ourstories Pat & Greg

March 25, 2016

After graduating from university I had a deep desire to travel and see the world – as one does after four years of studying. After graduation it really was on the top of my to-do-list, but I needed a way to facilitate my travels. When I looked into the Forces, … Continue reading “#ourstories Pat & Greg”


#ourstories Shelley

March 11, 2016

Why did I join the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF)? I was drawn to the vast opportunities available for travel, to the excitement of different jobs, and possibilities to grow in my chosen profession – Nursing.  Looking back, my time in the CAF was incredible. It offered me so much more … Continue reading “#ourstories Shelley”


#ourstories David

March 4, 2016

I got involved with Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur at Université Laval, where I am Chair in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. In my position I work very closely with members of RÉEL who volunteer with POE boot camps. In the winter semester of 2014, my friend Guillaume who was student coordinator for the … Continue reading “#ourstories David”


#ourstories Samantha

February 26, 2016

I heard about Enactus through a friend, and attended one of the general meetings. From there, I was in love! I dove in head first, and became very involved with my first Enactus project: Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur (POE). Working extensively on this project for months, my involvement, and passion for … Continue reading “#ourstories Samantha”


#ourstories Angelise

February 19, 2016

While I was in my senior year of high school my older sister was an active Enactus volunteer and recruited me to the team, which I kept up with through university. Through Enactus I was able to become involved with Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur, and their boot camps at Memorial University. … Continue reading “#ourstories Angelise”


#ourstories Courtney

February 12, 2016

"Canadian Armed Forces members put so much on the line to ensure we receive the rights and freedoms we deserve, so to be able to utilize those rights and freedoms to give back to them is a real honour. Not only did I receive an opportunity to put my business skills to good use, but I also established life- long friendships. The boot camp may only last for a week at a time but the connections built between participants and volunteers last a lifetime." Continue reading “#ourstories Courtney”