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Learning through the Arts

Learning through the Arts (LTTA) is a rigorous, structured curriculum program that uses music, drama and visual art to teach subjects such as math and science. Developed by the Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada, the program incorporates ongoing professional development of teachers, professional development of artists, writing of lesson plans, curriculum development, in-class delivery and continuous assessment. LTTA offers lesson plans for all academic subjects.

Examples of LTTA’s lesson plans include: history through role-playing, multiplication through songwriting, math/geometry through visual arts, science through dance and language arts through global percussion.

Prince’s Charities Canada, in partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music, is taking this successful program to the U.K., where it will be administered by The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts. This is a prime example of sharing Canadian best practice within this global network of organisations.

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How The Prince is involved

Inspired by the success of LTTA in Canada, Prince’s Charities Canada has arranged to have the program brought to the U.K., where it will be delivered by The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts.

The Foundation was created by The Prince in 2006 to further his belief that “early engagement with the arts can have life-changing effects on children, particularly those who might otherwise struggle to succeed within mainstream education.”

The Foundation is the only national educational charity committed to ensuring that all children in the U.K. are inspired by the Arts. It engages with disadvantaged children throughout the U.K. who may not have access to the very best of the Arts.

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