Encouraging sustainably planned, built and maintained communities

The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community Canada

The Prince’s Foundation, based in the UK, believes that sustainably planned, built and maintained communities improve the quality of life of everyone who’s part of them. PCC has been actively engaged in bringing their expertise to Canada, through the promotion of traditional and sustainable building principles.

Much of this work centres on a collaboration that PCC has facilitated between The Foundation and The Willowbank School of Restoration Arts in Queenston, ON. Willowbank is a Canadian patronage of HRH.

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“Willowbank is devoted to the shift towards a more ecological and sustainable approach to heritage conservation that celebrates the continuity of cultural traditions. My aim is to support and encourage exactly these kinds of approaches in Canada.”

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

UK Summer School Exchange

Thanks to a PCC initiative, Willowbank has been sending students and faculty to The Prince’s Foundation annual summer school held in England and Scotland. The program extends an ecological view for modern design and living that is based in traditional philosophies of building, agriculture and crafts. The three week program exposes students to life drawing, sacred geometry lessons and traditional crafts including stone masonry, timber framing, lime plastering, pargetting and thatching.

This year’s program is supported by the Dalglish Family Foundation.

…how we build and live within our environment affects our psychology, our culture, our well being. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to have gone away and learn from some of the best in design and traditional building and I hope in time to put some of that wisdom to use here in Canada.” – Ashleigh Bell (’13)

The intensive three week program was an invaluable opportunity, which will only continue to prove its worth as I progress in the heritage field.” – Kitty Mahoney (’18)

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