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The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur

Empowering Canadian Forces Members to Become Entrepreneurs

The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur is a national program of The Prince’s Charities Canada for transitioning Canadian Armed Forces members interested in starting their own business. We offer the tools needed to succeed as an entrepreneur through education, financing and mentoring.

The Prince of Wales is committed to supporting the Canadian Armed Forces, for whom he serves as Colonel-in-Chief to seven different regiments. This program is a way of recognizing the invaluable service that the Canadian Armed Forces deliver by helping them start the next stage of their careers. The Prince’s Charities Canada has partnered with Enactus Memorial and Futurpreneur Canada (formerly the Canadian Youth Business Foundation).

What we offer:

Seven-Day Boot Camps:

An intensive and rewarding business boot camp designed for transitioning military personnel who already have a business idea and are ready to make it happen. Topics range from business planning to accounting and marketing. For more information, please visit:

One-Day Workshops

Our introduction to entrepreneurship workshop is designed for transitioning members of the military, reservists, veterans and spouses. They take place across Canada and are ideal for anyone in the idea stage to someone who has recently started a business. For a location near you, please visit:

Mentoring & Financing

Access to mentoring and up to $45,000 in financing are available to those who qualify through our partner Futurprenuer Canada. Click here to learn more:

Outcomes include:

  • 107 new businesses started by graduates.
  • 210 boot camp graduates.
  • More than 840 workshop attendees.
  • Expansion to four universities across the country in 2016: Université Laval, Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and University of Regina.

 Quotes from graduates:

“This is a superb course that has allowed me to discover different ways to help and to find the
real voice of my business. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity.” Errol
“This course is enriching and allows those in the military to discover how they can use this
information to actually start their own business.” Jonathan
“Before this course I was nervous about transitioning. Now I know I can tackle my business and that people actually care. I have the courage to move forward.”

For more information:

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How The Prince is involved

The Prince of Wales has a long-standing commitment to the Canadian Forces, for whom he serves as Colonel-in-Chief to seven different regiments.

Seeking a way for His Royal Highness to help transitioning Canadian servicemen and women, Prince’s Charities Canada looked to Futurpreneur Canada, an affiliate of his Youth Business International charity. Further study confirmed the need for help and suggested the program draw upon Futurpreneur as well as the educational boot camp offered by Enactus Memorial at Memorial University to veterans.


Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur – Advisory Council

The Hon. Hilary M. Weston, CM, O.Ont. (Chair), Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

HLCol Justin R. Fogarty, B.A , LL.B , LL.M. (Deputy Chair), President and Chairman, Regent Law Professional Corporation

Mr. Shaun Francis, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Medcan Health Management, Inc., Chair, True Patriot Love Foundation

Major-General (Ret’d) David Fraser, Chief Operating Officer, Blue Goose Organics

HCol Anthony R. Graham LL.D., Vice Chairman and Director, Wittington Investments, Limited; President, Selfridges Group Limited;

Danièle Henkel, President, Daniele Henkel Inc.

General (Ret’d) Rick Hillier OC, CMM, MSC, CD, Chancellor, Memorial University of Newfoundland

HCol Tim Hogarth, President and Chief Executive Officer Pioneer Energy LP

Lt.- Gen (Ret’d) J.O. Michel Maisonneuve, CMM, MSC, CD, Academic Director, Royal Military College Saint-Jean

Major-General David Millar, OMM, CD, Chief of Military Personnel, Canadian Forces

HCol Chiko Nanji KStG, Group ChiefExecutive Officer Metro Supply Chain Group

Col (Ret’d) Duane R. Waite, Principal and Vice President, Crossey Engineering Ltd.