Celebrating young leaders who are dedicated to making positive change

The Prince’s Youth Service Awards

In September 2015, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Prince’s Charities Canada, and We Day announced a brand new awards program to honour exceptional young Canadians who are taking positive action at home and abroad.

The Prince’s Youth Service Awards, sponsored by RBC, encourage lasting commitment to social action by Canada’s youth.  The awards honour a commitment to changing the world from a new generation of young leaders and inspire young people across Canada to strive for a brighter future.

The Prince’s Youth Service Awards recognize Canadian youth aged 5 to 18 for achievements in four categories: Local Community Development, Global Action, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability.

The winner in each of the four categories receives a hand-carved award statue designed personally by His Royal Highness. They also receive an invitation to participate in a transformative leadership development program and a bursary towards bringing their ideas to life.

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“It is so important that these efforts be recognised and celebrated, and that is what these awards set out to do. The motivation, commitment and dedication of the winners is truly inspiring and they make me enormously proud of what Canada’s remarkable young people can achieve.”

His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales

2017 Winners

Cheyenne Hardy, 16, Dartmouth, NS
WE are community leaders —
Change can start at home. The recipient of this award is taking positive action in their community.

Cheyenne Hardy is aware of how her home of Dartmouth North is perceived as dangerous and unsafe. Determined to shift Dartmouth North’s negative perception, Cheyenne is changing how others see her hometown by asking for the support of local businesses and leaders to help her in creating a video sharing only her community’s finest qualities. After uploading her video to YouTube, Cheyenne’s video received positive attention and she was approached by her local media. Cheyenne’s proud message has reached new audiences, replacing old negative stereotypes with positivity.


Joshua Cochrane, 11, Yarmouth, NS
WE are global leaders —
Changing the world is possible. The recipient of this award is taking action on important global issues.

Growing up autistic, Joshua always felt the world overlooked his strengths because of his condition. At four years old, Joshua wanted to help end the stigma surrounding autism and decided to take action by spreading awareness on a global level. Each year, Joshua attends the World Autism Festival and Awards where he connects with his peers from over 60 countries and learns about the challenges they face while sharing his positive determination to help break the stigma. Wherever he goes, Joshua shares his story and the stories of his peers to showcase the incredible, positive traits of being autistic.


Lindsay Cummings, 12, Calgary, AB
WE are social innovators —
Changing the world starts when you think outside the box. The recipient of this award uses innovative solutions to tackle social problems.

At ten years old, Lindsay Cummings decided to dedicate her spare time to helping others by launching her own soap-making business, ‘Soap for Hope.’ A small, scented-soap social-enterprise, all ‘Soap for Hope’ proceeds are donated to a cause she’s passionate about, WE’s international development projects. Lindsay sells her scented soaps door-to-door, and always the innovator, has continued to expand the social enterprise with creative scents, such as Root Beer Float, Cotton Candy, Gingerbread and many more. Through ‘Soap for Hope’, Lindsay has supported WE’s health projects in Ecuador and this coming year, is supporting WE’s education projects in Kenya.


Donovan Faraoni, 16, Sherbrooke, QC
WE are agents of sustainability —
Taking charge of our planet’s future is possible. The recipient of this award is dedicated to environmental stewardship and creative solutions to issues facing our environment.

Donovan Faraoni is passionate about the environment and is dedicated to raising awareness about sustainability. Every year, Donovan participates in Estrie, Quebec’s regional science fair where he presents issues affecting our eco-system alongside sustainable solutions. One of Donovan’s most compelling projects focuses on the environmental damages of road salt, encouraging Canadians to use more effective and eco-friendly solutions. Some of Donovan’s other projects include car pollution and how glass skyscrapers can provide power to a city’s solar cars and the next generation of solar cells to offset the growing demand for energy needs. Donovan has successfully widened his audience reach by participating in media interviews, sitting on the Compton-Stanstead Greater Sherbrooke Youth Council and leading his school to live more sustainably.


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